Monday, May 31, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time...

I have a lot to say in a short time, so i'll just dig in...

Let's see... my writing... I've started working on the 3rd in the Rilla's Rambles Series; just working on the plot for now.  I'm loving this story... then again i love them all lol  Ever since i started it, my mind thought it'd be a 5 book series. I'll probably stick to that, and if i had to add to it, that'd be no problem.

Rilla had her 5th birthday on Saturday (the party that is)  She wanted a Barbie Cake... my youngest son, Seth we'll call him, was at a friends for the night; my oldest daughter, Theodosia, was at work til 9, and my oldest son, Tobias was working also and cutting grass.  I was left to do this cake alone... it was flopping and flipping everywhere... i tried hard to keep it level, but the minute i turned my back to wash the icing off my hands it flopped again... finally i thought of the sticks for covering chocolates and i stuck 4 of them through the 4 layers of the cake.  I stopped around 11:30 ... couldn't do anymore after cleaning all day long... in the morning i went to the little town up here to get a barbie... none in the store... except a guy which Rilla wanted on her cake lol  took him home, put him in the cake and he was way too tall... so we hunted for a broken doll and found snowwhite.  I fixed her up and finished the cake in time to do more tidying with Seth, Theodosia and Tobias and Rilla all pitching in.  Here's how the cake turned out... pic courtesy of Theodosia's friend Lynne :)
 Not great, but close enough.  I added the wings from another barbie of Rilla's... the wand was a sucker from a friend too, i just dipped it in the icing... Theodosia's idea :D   the butterflies around the cake are from the guy barbie we bought.

  Here's the table all set up...

3 princess' playing in the barbie house...

Here's Rilla My Rilla turned 5...

She had a wonderful time at her party, family and friends came up for her day.  It was so nice of them all.

I have a little garden idea to share with you all..but I'll have to save it for another post as this only allows me a few pictures.  I don't want to mess this one up lol

Have a new idea for a new book too which i think you'll all love! I know I do :D


  1. Barbie's wings look like transparent Diamond sheets !

  2. Yes, they do! Never thought of them that way. they didn't even belong to this doll, but they worked :)

  3. Happy Birthday precious Rilla!!!!!!!! Oh Denise I can't believe she's FIVE already - time is flying too fast! The cake and table look absolutely charming!

  4. Denise congratulations for the birthday girl. 5 years old, how fast the time runs. The Barbie birthday cake is beautiful. The little girls must love it. The Barbie house is very cute and the princesses playing are adorable. What a beautiful day this must have been.

  5. Thanks Allie! Rilla says Sanks too :)
    thanks to you too, Karen!

    the little girls and some of the older boys too loved it lol Mark built that barbie house years ago when my oldest girl was into barbies ... we love it.

    I know, it feels like she should still be a baby :(