Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Agent Responded!!!

I'm so excited! Of course she said no :D but i don't care... she replied :D and i've read that i'll get 20 - 50 rejections before i hit the right one :D Now i can send my query out to more than one agent ...

I wish she'd have said yes, but i get it :) it's all good.

Now to make another list :)

Oh and i got some gardening done today! It's a great day so far :D


  1. Denise, I wish it had been yes too but you got a response, that's wonderful! Keep plugging away, dear one. You'll get there! Glad you enjoyed your garden today!

    1. gosh, you must have thought I was some horrible person not responding :( I wasn't getting any emails from blogger at all about messages. I had to keep checking, thankfully they do that now... or I have it set right ;)

      I'm getting closer, allie! I have a story all ready to go out and am in critique groups now learning so much :)

      Love you so much!