Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day aka PicNic Day.... and Lost Gone Forever :(

Today is Victoria Day ... also known as Picnic day... so the kids and I and my sons friend packed up and headed off for our day's jaunt to our very own babbling brook.   Had to wear a little coat, as there was a little chill in the air up here.  We start off after making some fresh fiddle diddles for the day of course.  We get through the warehouses parking area, then the tiny field behind... cross the tiny little ditch which didn't need our homemade bridge as it was dried up.  There's always water in it, but not today.  Dandelions everywhere!  So we go fast so as to avoid the bees busily gathering pollen.  I tell Rilla to walk swiftly and not dwaddle because a snake could pop out anytime in the long grass... we would have like to have seen one though :D  ... so away we go, through the clover field lined in more dandelions.  We approach the Croaking Frog Pond which is eerily quiet... on closer inspection we spy the pond dried up :(  both sides!  Now the right side was HUGE, and here it's dried up too.  I knew \PEI was dry, but didn't realize it was this dry... how sad for our dear frogs.

After our disappointment over our frog pond we trudged along.  Next field was The Tripping Field... weeds that long to trip us... if they win, they puff out a smoke that puts us to sleep, we must move swiftly!  and we did, without any tripping... to the next field.. the Dead Forest... as we come nearer, it's grown!  It's not dead anymore but teaming with life.  This made it harder to walk though lol and i had to carry Rilla a long way to cross the dead forest.

We finally reach the opening to the brooks little woods... but first must carefully crawl over the fallen logs... not an easy job as Avery can tell you... he stepped on the first one and down he went as the log was rotting away.  He got some scratches, but trudged along... Emily would cross the next log, and i'd lift Rilla over the logs to Emily's awaiting arms... slow going but safe :D    finally we reach our brook!  Marsh marigolds out in bloom... and... yes you guess it... BLACK FLIES!!  We had to turn around :(  Why they started then i'll never we headed back home and had our picnic on the living room floor... and imagined the clouds and sky and bumblebees with us.  It was nice, though.

Now the important news... Lost... SPOILER ALERT...  it's over, gone, caput... i'm going to miss it soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!  So many questions still to be answered too.

 I loved how the couples remembered each other, esp Sun and Jin.  I knew they were thankful.  I wasn't happy that it ended up that they were all dead though... that was too much.  Oh my heart while watching this show last night!  Up one minute, down the next... happiness, madness, sadness... utter sadness... it totally wore me out lol... I cried and cried.. i was so sad for Jack... he was so heart broken to find out he was dead, then he accepted it.  I loved that, but hated it too.  It was very touching to show his eye closing as he took his last beautiful breath :(

  I found out that we'll find out what happened to Walt in the DVD later on, i think it comes out in August... i'll look and link it up... I definitely want to get the lost dvd set.  so many other questions still sit in my mind, but eventually we'll find them out.

I have a field of dandelions i want to get a picture of, i'll try to remember tomorrow, it's very pretty for dandelions :)



  1. Well Denise, if I come up we'll have a picnic INSIDE. Bees? Um. No.
    I did not like the ending. Ok, so they all didn't die at the same time, some made it back from the island - but still. I thought it was trite and a cop-out. They could've done better.
    Glad you got your picnic. I've had a busy weekend [and week DAY today] but I hope to get some reading done for you tomorrow!

  2. OH an inside picnic is just as good :D we had a blanket on the floor and all our goodies ready for eating :)

    emailing you now :)