Monday, May 17, 2010

Lost is almost finished :(

Well, tomorrow night... another show... what i thought was the end isn't really the end... there's another show on Sunday where all cast members get together and talk it out...

This is from my facebook page.

Here's the recap from last week's show. It has some cursing in it... reader beware. Can't wait to see what happens!!! but i'll be so sad :( boohoo... whatever will i watch with it gone???

Tomorrow PEI is supposed to be warm. I do hope... i plan on getting out to garden, most likely planning a picnic with My Youngest , unless i can hold her until 2 of my other kids come home from school :) :D

Short message after doing the links... it's time to read for me. Had a goody bag of books arrive today, can't wait to dig in!


  1. I am SO GLAD it's almost over. One night a week of being glued to the tv is more than enough for me! Don't forget, Sunday is also the finale - I think the whole thing is 2 1/2 hours.
    It's going to warm up here quite a bit later in the week, I'd better find some shorts that still fit. Enjoy your gardening!

  2. I can't imagine what they're going to replace it with, but I have doubts it could be as good.

    Hope you were able to take a nice picnic with your little sweetie.

  3. Corissia, your email is sending to my friend Allie instead... not sure why...

    I think i'll start watching my 24 dvd's now :) perfect timing. I've been wanting to watch them.

    Took some pics for you today :)

    Looks like the season finale is on at 7 sunday night, is that the same for you, Allie?