Friday, May 7, 2010

My Magnolia...

I have my camera, but it was dead... Avery got enough life out of it to get a pic of my magnolia...

Once it charges, I'll take another pic... and i'll keep my camera with me always :)

I also found my Green Gables walk pictures from my birthday on it... but the camera had some setting on it that brightened all the pics :( but i took 2 videos and they turned out, so I'll put them on my face book.

I had a thought last night for a new idea for a book... no fairies... real people... I started writing it and like it so far :D


  1. How pretty! And a new book - yay! Sam told me last night he has an idea for a book too, I'm surrounded by talent everywhere I look, lol! You GO, girl!

    1. Did Sam write out the story? I do hope he did! and i'm so sorry for not responding to your comments :( boo to me!!