Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sore Day...

I've been gardening today... my muscles are still sore lol and it's 1:20 in the morning here. I also was able to garden yesterday at my home, but the ground was way too hard for My Oldest Daughter and I to do anything, so we tidied up the garden and finished. Well, it was also freezing cold *snort* and today is yet, another freezing day on Prince Edward Island... but no black flies... it's always a good thing :D

Watched Left Behind tonight with the kids. I loved it and i really did like the message. Not sure if that's who it'll happen, but it still makes one think. Kirk Cameron played in it. I loved him in it. Love him anyway! lol He also played in Fireproof ... awesome movie too! Great message in it.

Must hit the hay, early start tomorrow :)

Oh! I saw something on TV which made me have a new idea for a little book :) I think i'll write while it's fresh... you never know!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my "cheap finds" post. It's always nice to meet another fellow blogger!

  2. I hope it warms up soon, for both of us, lol! 1:20AM??? Girl, you're keeping my hours!
    I loved the Left Behind series - I read both the adult and kids.

  3. When are you posting a list of your publishers/agents like you said you would? I am waiting anxiously!! =]