Friday, May 21, 2010

Having a Missing Lost Night

A blogger posted a funny video about Lost... then that got me searching you tube for other videos... now most of them are sad, and that got me sad lol  I'm am really going to be Lost without Lost :(   I've been watching it every week for 6 years now... that's a long time.  Sunday is going to be sad.  Just one of those obstacles in our lives.  Gee, it's just a show.. i'm such a wimp lol

Happy stuff?... I revised the little story i wrote yesterday one more time.. I was reading it to someone and realized a couple more mistakes, and fixed them.

..............Rilla had a dream, about a monster stealing her hot chocolate... so i'm going to write about it.  I think it'd make a cute book :D 

............. I rearranged my living room to suit my desk... it's in front of the picture window.  I get to write and look out onto my front yard and my ocean view.  A little hummingbird sat there all afternoon with me as i wrote.  He was so darling.  My little inspiration <3

............  My family is happy and healthy.  That's the best happiness ... There, i'm happy again : D  ... now i'll have to do this again Sunday night :( lol 

 I wrote another poem... i was trying not to rhyme with this one, but still get the meaning out.  Here's what i came up with...

Unseeing, yet sought after
soft warmth filling you
makes your heart skip a beat
takes your breath away.

Trying to be the best you can be
a wanting to be there
longing to do all you can
shout it from the mountain tops.

Willing to share without shame
a guided meandering path
being what you were scared to be
the only way.

That's Faith. 
©Denise MacLennan Bruce

What did you think?  
Here's one more on Faith.

Having faith is powerful
Believing without seeing
That's faith
Acceptance, strong and true.

Having faith is love
Loving without seeing
That's faith
Caring, thoughtful and free.

Having faith is letting go
Changing without care 
That's faith
Obedient, wanting and New.
©Denise MacLennan Bruce

This one isn't as great.  But i kinda like it. 

Busy day tomorrow, double anniversary for my in laws and aunt and uncle... then my nephew's graduation  :)  going to be fun. and it's going to be nice out! yay! 


  1. Six years of my life, never missing a show - this is the only program I can say that about! I'm glad it's almost over.
    Glad that you moved your desk, you'll have to take a pic of your view for me. Denise, I LOVE your poems. They say it all so well! Make sure you add the copyright symbol on them, ok?

  2. Your glad it's over?! *gasp* lol !!

    I will take a pic of my view... will try that tomorrow or sunday.

    Glad you liked my poems :D How do i do the copyright symbol? I love your tips, Allie :)

  3. Since you missed one, what you can do is go to and search Lost. I think It will come up... let me check. Hold on... =] Yeppers, it's there. So you can go to and loook up Lost, and then you can watch it online!!