Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Query Letter Written!

Well, i did it! It's now written... not sure how i did... i have a friend checking it over. There are sure to be mistakes as it's my first one. I was doing ok, til the wait lol and i only just sent it lol ... ok, was held up... and it's fixed.. tomorrow i'll be listing publishers and agents and see who gets my letter first. oh dear!!!

Got the living room, kitchen and half of the dining room/ rilla's play area spider proofed today.. .i'm getting there! lol

will write more later, Emily wants to check her facebook before heading to bed


  1. Good girl!!!!! Eek, I just looked up and saw a spider - I think I need you to come here!

  2. lol, i covered the picture with a couple post it notes on top of each other !