Friday, May 21, 2010

Brain Storm!

Today as my hubby and I were watching a hummingbird, he happened to notice my spirea bush with a birch tree growing out of it.  He mentions that he'll have to separate them to help them grow better.  I say a hearty NO!  They can't be separated!  They love each other... Then it hit me!  I gasped... and said Yes!  I'll turn it into a story .. dh walks away shaking his head lol... and i get busy tidying up the kitchen, get some books out for youngest daughter to work on and then i get to write... i finally finished it and sent it off to my dear allie to proofread.  It's just a short story. not sure what to do with it now, but i'll find a home someplace.

Isn't it something how our Dear Lord works?  This idea comes to me on a rainy, wet day.  I wouldn't have been able to work on it if it wasn't wet outside because i'd have to garden.  But it was wet out there, and i had the idea for a story and i wrote.  Even had to take time to pick up my teeny bopper.  I'm very blessed.  and very thankful.

dh also took up one of our old school desks for Youngest Daughter to work on for her homeschooling.  She washed it off and dried it while i did the dishes.  We filled it with her precious books and she happily sits to start working ...  She didn't want to stop lol

it was a great day all together.  I'm so happy to have that story.  I've always loved my spirea and birch.

no pics today... but i'll get a pic of the spirea and birch soon.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You did? You sent it? I better go check my mail! Oh I can't wait! Hooray for rain, lol!

    And congrats on the school desk!