Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Query is Sent!

Well, i did it. My first query letter is sent... i did a little more tweaking to it and clicked send before i could chicken out. I know this one won't be accepted as it's the first, but the first has got to start somewhere :) I wish it would be accepted though lol ... now the wait...

For this agent, yes, i decided to give it a try ... the main reason is because they accept self publishers... i had to take the chance while i had it. ... but i have to give her the exclusive for 2 weeks... and i did... so in 2 weeks i can send out another query.

I could put a picture here of the cover of my book I Believe I Can Fly - Rilla's Ramblings My daughter did the illustrations for the people and fairies and i did the backgrounds and coloring. This isn't the exact cover, the publishing company put a border around it.

That's all i did this afternoon after homeschooling with my youngest... we were working on the alphabet :) we found a cute song on You Tube to help her with singing the alphabet while i was typing. My youngest loved it! When she was bored of singing, i got her to go around the room finding items that matched a letters sound... she did all right, but we need to do more work on sounds. I've learned to take my time with my last baby.

My hubby isn't happy with where i put my new tea set... on a round table in front of our picture window... i'm luvin' it, but he says something will happen to it... i just want to enjoy it for a while :) If i had my camera i could take a picture to show you, but the kids love to take it and not put it back.

My magnolia tree is blooming beside my forsythia bush.. they are so pretty together. I might be able to get my son to get a pic with his phone as it's still bright outside... i can get him to take a pic of my tea table at the same time yay!


  1. Good for you, Denise! The first one is probably the hardest, we hope. Darling cover, Emily is talented like her mummy!

    Get your camera back, girl - bloggy mums need it!

  2. Thanks Allie! I'll tell Emily too :)

    Camera.. telling the kids to get it now lol

  3. Beautiful!