Friday, May 14, 2010

Book 2 is on the computer!

I'm so thrilled to have that part finished :D Tomorrow I'll read it out loud to My Youngest and see how it sounds... do more revising, then I'll leave it for a while for a break to make it "new" to me :)
I know i get bored reading the same story over and over. This should make it fun lol... and it'll make it easier to find mistakes in the story if i read it with fresh eyes after a while.

Next move?... I make my list for sending out my query letter. Agents and publishers. Pray for me! It'll be so nerve wrecking lol
I've subscribed to this magazine... Writer's Digest my first issue hasn't arrived, but i can't wait to see it!

My friend send me a poster he made for my book... i think he did another awesome job! Thanks so much for it! I love how he thought of using one of Anne of Green Gable's quotes on it :D He knows me so well lol

Quicky Update... sent my 2nd query letter out... this company wanted the manuscript... so it's gone to it's very first query! oh this is nervewrecking! I gave them a 2 week exclusive... we'll see what happens.


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  2. I know! She did an awesome job.
    thanks so much, Allie!

  3. I am so happy for you Denise, you took this step, beginning to write. My best wishes for you and your future books.

  4. Thanks so much, Karen :) It was a big step and i'm glad i took it :)