Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Books are now for sale on Prince Edward Island :)

Well, my books arrived yesterday and i took them to Indigo book store and to Pharmasave in Souris, and Elliotts up here nea r where i live. It's so weird that they are actually here for sale :D The Manager at Indigo remembered me from over a month ago and remembered the story as i told it to her ! I couldn't believe it . If i sell the 10 copies before the month is out then they'll keep selling the books, if not then they won't. So of course, I'm hoping they sell lol

I haven't had a chance to get my list of publishers or agents out, but hopefully tomorrow.

I want to post a link to a book that any writer of any age must buy... 2010 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition Amazon's Description...

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A dear friend made a couple wallpapers for me from my blog... he's so kind and nice... and

the wallpapers are unbelievable! He totally knows me and understands my likes. He's awesome and gave me permission to share them on my blog.

He also made some posters for my blog... They are so pretty!

Here's another one, there are more, but i'll take one of each different text for now... but i can't get it past the other one no matter what i do, so i put it at the beginning of tonight's post :D

Pittsburgh lost, my hubby isn't happy :( poor fellow. But hopefully Boston will beat them next :D

About to watch Old Dogs with my honey John Travolta! I'd put a pic in of him, but it won't let me argh!

Sweet Dreams, Everyone


  1. Those wallpapers are unreal! Oh Denise we were SO happy Pittsburgh lost- we were cheering on Montreal with all we had. Pittsburgh beat us out last year for the Cup and we don't like them.

  2. She's so awesome at it, Allie... and i don't even tell her what to put on them, it's all her.
    oh poor Pittsburgh :( Mark was so sad lol
    well, i've still got Phili and Boston in the runnings.. 2 more favorite teams of mine :D