Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's next after Query letter?...

well, today's job is making a list of publishers and/or agents who i'd like to send my query too. Thankfully i've been doing this for the past month, but will have to make sure i meet their guidelines. Some publishers change. I've found 3 or 4 bloggers who are agents, and they let me know when they are ready for querys, which i really like.

I'm still trying to figure out if i need an agent... i'll have to keep thinking about that.
My Dear Allie is helping me with my manuscript... i'll be working on that too, on the computer i should say... i usually work with pencil and paper, but this means computer work lol... it's so hard to get used to typing stories on the computer, but i'll do it lol

11:07 here on PEI... must get dinner soon. Then tidy and get my almost 5 year old's workbook out too for her to work at while mommy works too ;)

but first, i should mention about my problem yesterday with s - - - - - - the eight legged insects... my friend in Scotland usses this spray (cool! another link!!) .. she says it works awesome... so i'm going to try it out. I'm desperate lol.

later on for a break i'll put on some of my favorite links.


  1. Ok Denise, let's see if you get this in your email!

  2. I checked on that spider spray, it's only for the UK. WAHHHHHHHH! I need some!

  3. If you go to it'll let you buy it since you are in the states... or phone to buy it? i can't remember now. Avery's taking the magnolia pic now!