Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Picnic today :) My Teeny Bopper taking pictures, and waiting on Miss Sweet Sixteen to come join us :) that's syrup in my hand for the chocolate chip pancakes :p we also had Fiddle Diddles, freezies, and water for drinks :)

this is supposed to be a video, not sure if it'll post right

had to show this log i've had in my garden for years... moss has finally grown on it and plants too! It's the perfect fairy home :)

This is my Violet Vale

It was so pretty out today, but the bugs came in the evening to bug us, as usual. i'll get the hang of this soon! At least with Picasa the pics are where they are supposed to be... but i have to remember which ones i want on here lol
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  1. Denise, this is so adorable! I want to walk right into your photos and sit on the grass!

    Beth Cavert

  2. Thanks so much Mary Beth :) Perhaps someday you'll get up here :)