Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Prince Edward Island Garden aka My Lucy Maud Montgomery Memorial Garden

It's been a while since I many times have I said that? A LOT. :)

I've been working hard on my flower gardens and vegetable garden. One garden in particular has some special attention...

My oldest daughter took this beautiful picture. The garden to the left. Someone told me it reminded them of the shape of Prince Edward Island, and it got me thinking... oh a bad thing for a gardener ;)  and finally I decided to do it. I found a map of My Island with my phone and set it on the grass then started outlining and digging. A lot of reshaping afterward and it became my very own Prince Edward Island Garden!

It's raining out right now which is a blessing so my picture isn't the best. I hope you can see the shape of it. West Point is going to be my Moon Garden. The variegated grass to the left is West Point Lighthouse. One of my favorite lighthouses... 
Just until I get my small lighthouses made by my hubby :) 

This is the beginning of my Lucy Maud Montgomery Memorial Garden. I thought why not have one for her :) I'll be doing an Anne of Green Gables one also <3 nbsp="" p="">
I hope you like my new garden. The Burning Bush is going to get a pruning soon. It's hiding too much of the shape and the log in front... that's my first log planter a dear fellow made for me. I'll post pictures about that soon :) I have some before pictures, but need a few plants to finish it off.

Happy Gardening, Kindreds <3 all="" and="" blessings="" many="" nbsp="" p="" to="" you="">

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've Joined GROG...Group Blog: We're Throwing a Party and You Get All the Prizes!...

Come Grog with me! It's got awesome prizes for writers... AND we get to learn a lot even if we don't win!

Group Blog: We're Throwing a Party and You Get All the Prizes!...: Why are we doing this? The answer is simple. It is for YOU – the writers, librarians, teachers, and lovers of books -- especially books f...