Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Book Signing!

It's been a while since i was on here.  Biggest news is I'm having my first book signing tomorrow... during Canada Day activities up here.  I'm very, very nervous!  But will be glad i did it, once it's over :)  I haven't a clue about it... it's all a learning game... but i'm willing to learn.  I've been feeling excited and very nervous about it for days lol

Rilla has decided to go to Kindergarten.. big step... hard mostly on mama i think ... it'll be a hard day, but good for her. 

I met my friend who lives in Finland the day before.  We had a very nice kindredly time... we ended the day with a delicious walk in the rain to Wayne's Heaven :)   I gave her one of my books, and she gave me one well known book from Finland.  We loved it!  It's called Who Will Comfort Toffle?  by Tove Jansson... Rilla loved the little story.  

Other new things happening, but can't say them yet :)  soon though!  

will write later, supper calls :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

3rd Query Sent!

#3 query is gone to the land of what ifs... i gave them a 2 week exclusive.  Seems like when i put that in the query i do hear from them within that time.  This publishing company wanted the manuscript too... we'll see how it goes.

It's raining on PEI today.  I was hoping to get out and garden, but i guess not.  I got a lot done yesterday though and i'm happy for that.  So that means i get to work on book 3 :)  I'm happy with that lol   A great day to curl up with a blanket, paper and pencil :)  plus pencil sharpener and eraser for sure! lol  No computer for me when i do the first writing.  I love the old fashioned way.

Exam week for my daughter.  Must keep her at it lol ...teenagers!

I'm going to start posting 10 blessings when i blog...
Monday's Blessings...

Rain for writing.
I'm able to be home with a sick child.
Sleeping babies.
Dishes done.
Kids chores done without growls :)
A freshly made bed.
Home remedies.
Soft cool breeze coming through the window.
Being able to pray for a friend.

That went fast... i could go on and on lol  but i said 10 :)
I saw something on another blog that she'd have a list of questions and she'd answer them with each blog. I might ask if she'd mind if i did that too. Gotta find who she was first lol.

Editing here... Night Time at Ingleside... just had an update from Diana Gabaldon's blog about her new graphic novel... the blog said not to copy and paste the picture, but linking to it is fine..  Hope i did it right.  I can't wait for this to come out!  I'm a huge Diana Gabaldon fan :D

Love the writing i did today... story 3 is coming along nicely! about half way through :)

Maalai vanakkam Everyone... Tamil for Good Evening 

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Kindred's Poem

Just had news that a dear kindred of mine lost her mama last night.

My heart aches thinking of her pain.  It was so sudden.  Such a shock to the family.

I wrote a poem for her.

My dear friend lost her mama today
I cannot be there with her
I cannot take away her pain
But I can always pray. 

Pray for strength in the days to come
Guidance, understanding and love
But most of all a peace.
It will come.  I know.

I've never met this kindred of mine,
but, we would know each other!
My heart if her heart.
Her pain lives inside me.
©Denise MacLennan Bruce

The Actual '73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein

Here's the video. The Giving Tree. One of my favorite books! Don't click any of the links to the right, they are NOT nice ones.

The Sun Shines on Prince Edward Island!! Introducing - My "The Giving Tree"

This is awesome!  2 days of beautiful weather for us :)  We'll soon be spoiled.  wow! It seems like it took forever to get some sun here on the island.

What am i up too now....   first... working on a little something with a dear friend... don't want to post about it yet, it's a surprise :)  it's HARD, but it'll be worth it !  My friend and i worked through chat for so long yesterday, and i kept the poor fellow up so late, but, hopefully it'll be worth it.  and i thank my friend so much.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   I couldn't do it without you.

I'm also working on the 3rd book... then i'll have 2 in the wings like i'm supposed to :)  I've been getting fairy names, etc. from my friends, and family... it's great :)  once someone gets thinking the ideas flow as to what fairy they'd want to be.

If you have a fairy name and what you'd want to be the fairy of, just let me know and i might use it in future books.  I'm going to definitely try to use everyone's fairy.

My hummingbird pal is having a great time outside... he has a wife too :)  they are a beautiful pair.  They have 2 favorite perches... an old sign post used for bird feeders, and a tall stump, about 5 feet high... why so high?
well, we were taking lights off my beautiful hawthorn tree a couple years ago... the limb accidentally was pulled too hard and snapped the tree at the top, eventually killing it :( ... i was so sad.  I couldn't watch as 1 year later, when we knew my baby wouldn't make it, my husband had to cut it down.  I told him to cut it at a certain point.  i couldn't bear to part with it.  It's my tree that grew out of the car after all!  (another story lol)

so, this is my Giving Tree...from Shel Silverstein's book... The Giving Tree  Love this site!  Here's a video of the book in 3-D ...  makes me tear up every time.  This is what this stump means to me.  Found the original 1973 video of the book, told by Shel Silverstein!   The pic is from Amazon.

My Gardens are FULL!! They loved the rain we've had and have totally filled up... waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much on me though!  They even took over my edge.  

and one of the view...    the garden there on the right... did have a beautiful edge... but i must redo it... it didn't last long when the flowers grow out.  at least they are happy :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goaltender Drew MacIntyre Profile

Here's the video of my Nephew who plays for the Chicago Wolves to save you opening a new window! :D

Shout Out for my nephew Drew MacIntyre...

Just saw a video my nephew made.  He's the goalie for the Chicago Wolves..

I'm so proud of him!  He's one awesome guy and one beautiful father and husband.

PEI is into a little storm right now... thunder and lightening.  We're at the end, just the odd smackeral of light flashes is all.  I love a storm :)  when it's not a bad one lol

My beautiful cousin took a picture of a lighthouse at the Souris Wharf , i asked her if i could share and she said yes.. Thanks so much, Jana!   Here is is...  I'm going to try a poem for it... try lol... we'll see how it goes.  If i like it, i'll post it, if not, well... you know lol

oh if not, then i'll find one i love, yeah :D

Have another lighthouse picture from a friend down home... the pic was taken at Peggy's Cove... Thanks so much Chrystal!

Ok, i wrote one... It's not great, but i like it :D

The Lighthouse

A Beacon to show the way
shining it's eternal glow.
A beauty during the day
standing proud and tall.

A small spirit
fearless and true.
That won't give you up
and the way; bring you through.

A lighthouse is there
when you feel so alone.
It's light will guide you.
It will lead you home.

© Denise MacLennan Bruce

Working on some neat changes for book 2 and still working on book 3.  Loving it too :D

Started a new website too.  That's going to take a long time to have ready, but it's a start at least :)

ok, gotta work on that poem...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Books Sold Out At Indigo!

I couldn't believe when i received the email today... my books all sold and they want more ... it's just a start, but a nice start all the same.  It's so surreal... I still can't believe it.  I was thrilled :D   So looks like tomorrow I might be going to town to deliver more books.  eek!   Hopefully the rain will leave me alone til i get home.

Also had an email from the librarian with some news... I'll know more next week if they will put my book in the libraries... I hope so!  Many thanks to my friend for giving me this information.  Muchly appreciated :)

I'm working on book 3 of Rilla's Rambles Series... I'm loving the idea of this one so far... esp the beginning.  I loved the beginning of the others too i guess lol  Still a ways to go with this one, but it's getting there.  I love how things come together when you don't expect it.

While i was at Basin Head, i asked the ladies to give me their fairy thoughts... what fairy they would want to be and their names... well when i was driving home, i was thinking of this book... #3... and the idea came to me thanks to Basin Head!  I love how God works in these little ways.  It's little ways He shows Himself to us.  We just have to be willing to "see" Him.

Also working on finding out how to get my books online with Indigo... more complicated than i thought, but I'm up for the challenge :D

Have a great Friday night, Everyone!
Many Blessings to you all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Classroom Visit today... and 2nd Rejection!

I had a call the other day to do a reading of my book at the school.  I nervously said yes.  Ended up being late... tried hard to get there early, but Rilla lost her shoe, the car window was down all night and it rained, her car seat wasn't in tight in the car, she was taking her time eating.. oh it all seemed to be on me at once.  But! Eventually we were there :D

I was at home soon after starting to read the book.  It went well, i think.  The kids had ideas about the book and what was to come, as it isn't ended yet... there's more to add to the story :)  i loved their questions and they had great ideas.  Their teacher is amazing and so kind... she has one big heart.

I also dropped some of my books off at the local fisheries museum and day park.

this is the link to the site this picture came from... Great site!

    I signed a couple books while i was there also.  I asked the ladies for their fairy names, and what they would like to be a fairy of for future use, and it turned out that i needed the museum for book #3!  So i started writing them in last night.

  I am going to get a lady who makes a gorgeous Teacher Tote to make me one too.  It's beautiful... The blog is called A Craft A Day  Here's a pic of the tote...

Here's an inside pic... perfect for writing equipment...

I can't wait!  It'll be so pretty to carry around :)

Oh, how could i forget... i got my 2nd rejection the other day... that's 2 down... 18 - 48 to go lol  or way more... I'm ready for it though!!

I will not give up... I've just begun!