Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Classroom Visit today... and 2nd Rejection!

I had a call the other day to do a reading of my book at the school.  I nervously said yes.  Ended up being late... tried hard to get there early, but Rilla lost her shoe, the car window was down all night and it rained, her car seat wasn't in tight in the car, she was taking her time eating.. oh it all seemed to be on me at once.  But! Eventually we were there :D

I was at home soon after starting to read the book.  It went well, i think.  The kids had ideas about the book and what was to come, as it isn't ended yet... there's more to add to the story :)  i loved their questions and they had great ideas.  Their teacher is amazing and so kind... she has one big heart.

I also dropped some of my books off at the local fisheries museum and day park.

this is the link to the site this picture came from... Great site!

    I signed a couple books while i was there also.  I asked the ladies for their fairy names, and what they would like to be a fairy of for future use, and it turned out that i needed the museum for book #3!  So i started writing them in last night.

  I am going to get a lady who makes a gorgeous Teacher Tote to make me one too.  It's beautiful... The blog is called A Craft A Day  Here's a pic of the tote...

Here's an inside pic... perfect for writing equipment...

I can't wait!  It'll be so pretty to carry around :)

Oh, how could i forget... i got my 2nd rejection the other day... that's 2 down... 18 - 48 to go lol  or way more... I'm ready for it though!!

I will not give up... I've just begun!


  1. Love you little girl!!! You are amazing with all you do!!!!!!

  2. yeah, you go girl!!
    Does the tote cost $$?? It's really really pretty!!

  3. thanks so much Anon :) and Monica :)

    The tote does cost something, but i'm not sure what yet. She's going to post that soon though and when she does, i will too. It's great for writers, and artists like you, and teachers, etc :)