Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sun Shines on Prince Edward Island!! Introducing - My "The Giving Tree"

This is awesome!  2 days of beautiful weather for us :)  We'll soon be spoiled.  wow! It seems like it took forever to get some sun here on the island.

What am i up too now....   first... working on a little something with a dear friend... don't want to post about it yet, it's a surprise :)  it's HARD, but it'll be worth it !  My friend and i worked through chat for so long yesterday, and i kept the poor fellow up so late, but, hopefully it'll be worth it.  and i thank my friend so much.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   I couldn't do it without you.

I'm also working on the 3rd book... then i'll have 2 in the wings like i'm supposed to :)  I've been getting fairy names, etc. from my friends, and family... it's great :)  once someone gets thinking the ideas flow as to what fairy they'd want to be.

If you have a fairy name and what you'd want to be the fairy of, just let me know and i might use it in future books.  I'm going to definitely try to use everyone's fairy.

My hummingbird pal is having a great time outside... he has a wife too :)  they are a beautiful pair.  They have 2 favorite perches... an old sign post used for bird feeders, and a tall stump, about 5 feet high... why so high?
well, we were taking lights off my beautiful hawthorn tree a couple years ago... the limb accidentally was pulled too hard and snapped the tree at the top, eventually killing it :( ... i was so sad.  I couldn't watch as 1 year later, when we knew my baby wouldn't make it, my husband had to cut it down.  I told him to cut it at a certain point.  i couldn't bear to part with it.  It's my tree that grew out of the car after all!  (another story lol)

so, this is my Giving Tree...from Shel Silverstein's book... The Giving Tree  Love this site!  Here's a video of the book in 3-D ...  makes me tear up every time.  This is what this stump means to me.  Found the original 1973 video of the book, told by Shel Silverstein!   The pic is from Amazon.

My Gardens are FULL!! They loved the rain we've had and have totally filled up... waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much on me though!  They even took over my edge.  

and one of the view...    the garden there on the right... did have a beautiful edge... but i must redo it... it didn't last long when the flowers grow out.  at least they are happy :D

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