Monday, March 18, 2013

Susanna Hill's Spring Contest

I've entered a spring contest :)  Susanna Hill

I had to write a spring story and here's my entry.  Susanna has written a few books about Phyllis so I thought I'd have Phyllis and Rilla meet. :)

Rilla Meets Phyllis

“Mooommy!” Rilla stared out the window at the snowy scenery. “I want winter to stop! I want to plant flowers and follow bees to their homes and dance with the butterflies. Winter is BORING!”

“Soon dear,” Mama said, “One more day and the groundhog will tell us if there will be more winter.”

Rilla grinned. “I know! I’ll trap the groundhog!”

She put on her winter gear, then while a fluffy snow fell, Rilla headed to the groundhog hole and danced and shoveled a path around it. “Hey. These shovelfuls of snow are like blocks. I could make walls with these.”

Up went the walls.

“Now to cut some limbs from the trees to make sure the sun shines through and the groundhog will see his shadow.” As Rilla cut the limbs, they fell inside the walls. “Hmmm, they would make a good roof and I could have a fort!”

Up went the roof.

With the last limb in place, Rilla jumped when she heard a voice.

“Who is making all this racket?” A groundhog with her arms on her hips stared at Rilla.

“What have you done to my home?”

“I…ah…um..,” stammered Rilla. “I wanted to make sure you saw your shadow tomorrow. But aren’t you supposed to be a boy?”

The groundhog waddled around checking Rilla’s work. “Uncle Phil is retired. I’m Phyllis and it’s my job now. What’s your name and why go through all this trouble?”

“My name’s Rilla and…well…winter is boring. I want spring to hurry up.”

“This isn’t going to stop me, you know. I’d just use my back door.”


“Besides, this is a pretty good fort AND it sure sounded like you had fun making it.” Phyllis said.

“Welllllll.” Rilla looked around and smiled. “It was fun making the fort.”

“So you still think winters boring?” Phyllis asked.

“Haha! No,” Rilla said. “Winter isn’t boring after all.”

“Yay!” said Phyllis. “So, let’s have some more fun and decorate this new home of mine!”

“Okay,” Rilla said. “I like winter now, and one day, I know Spring will be here!” 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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