Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Book Signing!

It's been a while since i was on here.  Biggest news is I'm having my first book signing tomorrow... during Canada Day activities up here.  I'm very, very nervous!  But will be glad i did it, once it's over :)  I haven't a clue about it... it's all a learning game... but i'm willing to learn.  I've been feeling excited and very nervous about it for days lol

Rilla has decided to go to Kindergarten.. big step... hard mostly on mama i think ... it'll be a hard day, but good for her. 

I met my friend who lives in Finland the day before.  We had a very nice kindredly time... we ended the day with a delicious walk in the rain to Wayne's Heaven :)   I gave her one of my books, and she gave me one well known book from Finland.  We loved it!  It's called Who Will Comfort Toffle?  by Tove Jansson... Rilla loved the little story.  

Other new things happening, but can't say them yet :)  soon though!  

will write later, supper calls :)


  1. Been wondering about you, dear one, what fun, a book signing!!!! And Rilla's going to kindegarten? That will be a huge step - but I'm sure she'll be fine, sweetie. Glad you met your kindred friend! Someday it will be my turn.

  2. Congrats! Let me know how it goes!! I bet you will do wonderful!


    Tell Rilla to give her mommy a big hug!! You both can do it!