Monday, June 14, 2010

3rd Query Sent!

#3 query is gone to the land of what ifs... i gave them a 2 week exclusive.  Seems like when i put that in the query i do hear from them within that time.  This publishing company wanted the manuscript too... we'll see how it goes.

It's raining on PEI today.  I was hoping to get out and garden, but i guess not.  I got a lot done yesterday though and i'm happy for that.  So that means i get to work on book 3 :)  I'm happy with that lol   A great day to curl up with a blanket, paper and pencil :)  plus pencil sharpener and eraser for sure! lol  No computer for me when i do the first writing.  I love the old fashioned way.

Exam week for my daughter.  Must keep her at it lol ...teenagers!

I'm going to start posting 10 blessings when i blog...
Monday's Blessings...

Rain for writing.
I'm able to be home with a sick child.
Sleeping babies.
Dishes done.
Kids chores done without growls :)
A freshly made bed.
Home remedies.
Soft cool breeze coming through the window.
Being able to pray for a friend.

That went fast... i could go on and on lol  but i said 10 :)
I saw something on another blog that she'd have a list of questions and she'd answer them with each blog. I might ask if she'd mind if i did that too. Gotta find who she was first lol.

Editing here... Night Time at Ingleside... just had an update from Diana Gabaldon's blog about her new graphic novel... the blog said not to copy and paste the picture, but linking to it is fine..  Hope i did it right.  I can't wait for this to come out!  I'm a huge Diana Gabaldon fan :D

Love the writing i did today... story 3 is coming along nicely! about half way through :)

Maalai vanakkam Everyone... Tamil for Good Evening 


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