Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday Lost Day...

Well, yesterday i had a tea party with my sis and her daughter and my 2 daughters... it was such fun! But i had to clean and clean to get ready.. which didn't give me time to work on my query letter... then my son had a ton of homework and studying with homework and tests... then cleaning up in the evening which still isn't done, so no time for query's oh! and my all time favorite show was on... Lost! yay :D enough said on Lost... i was mad at it lol

This morning is for cleaning, it's spring time and that means the s - - - - - s are out, and i'm petrified of those horrid things! I've got to give the house a vacuum everywhere, and then i'll spray lemon pledge around the baseboards... i heard that'll help keep them away. ick ick!!!

Then it's dinner time... i'll make something quick for the men and clean up, find something for My youngest to do, THEN i'll work on my query! I've a homeschool lady who knows query's and she's going to look it over for me , and my dear own Allie was a proofreader, so she's going to check my self published book's new manuscript for flaws... i'm having a problem staying in the same tense... it's so hard, but i'm ready to learn :) (just tried my first linking with Allie's blog... she's teaching me how to blog... now did i do it right lol)

I'm still trying to figure out what to do after i get the query letter ready... send to an agent or straight to the publisher... i'm leaning toward the publisher for now since i'm new... but also do i lean toward the agent because i'm new???

I've written out my query 3 times so far, and reading online as i go ... so i'll go start vacuuming and pledging, dinner, tidy up, then query time... i'm actually excited to get back to it now... the nervewrecking feeling is gone :) isn't that something!


  1. yay!! i did my first link! Thanks Allie :D

  2. YOU DID IT!!!!!!! Yay girl, I knew you could. I'm emailing you later! Love ya!