Monday, May 3, 2010

First Blog Ever!

Boy this is nervewrecking! lol A thought came to me the other day... start a blog... I've read some great blogs, and subbed to them too... but could never remember the links after that ... until my dear friend Allie told me about Google Reader... i found it and boy it's addicting! lol I love Google Reader, it makes reading so easy, no more remembering links. Until the thought came to me to start my own on my journey to getting published... i didn't think anyone would want to read it, but then realized... i want it for me... and there might, just might be someone out there like me who wants to know how to do this. So i'm writing it down... if i learn something, i'll write it. Haven't figured out how to link to Amazon on the books i'm reading, or how to link to sites that i'm reading, but i'll figure it out.

First lesson... Do NOT self publish unless you just want a few books for family and friends. It's going to make it harder... now some authors make it through self publishing... but it's best to go about it straight to a publisher or agent. Now i might read something that says it's ok, but so far nothing lol

I've recently self published my book... I Believe I Can Fly - Rilla's Ramblings. I'm now revising it. I didn't know that Xlibris did not proofread, my fault, i should have done my homework. Because of this, there are mistakes, as i wrote it fast to get it sent in before the deadline. I lost track of time, a year actually lol and was rushed. Never rush yourself lol ... so because of not being proofread, we had to pay for the mistakes... twice. I gave the ok to publish then found a couple more mistakes, but it was too late, and we were out of money for corrections anyway. 2 weeks without buying groceries doesn't go well in a family of 6. so my book is out there. I love it if you ignore the mistakes :) My daughter did the illustrations, with me doing the backgrounds and coloring. She did an awesome job i think!

I ordered 250 books from Xlibris and am on my way to pick them up. It's exciting i must say. Then i give them to stores that will sell them for me.

That's it for a first posting ... another lessong later on L( and i'll get used to this eventually lol


  1. DENISE!!!!!!! You're a blogger!!!! Yay girl! Remember, if you ever need a proofreader, I used to work at it. I'll do it free, for you. I am so excited - this is a wonderful journey you're embarking on, being an author! Yay!!!!!!!

  2. Allie, i didn't know you proofread! I definitely need one. I'm still working on the query letter, but i'll email you right now with the manuscript... let me have it, ok? lol i can handle it :)
    thanks soooooooooooo much! love you!