Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful Prince Edward Island Day :)

Well, we finally had a beautiful day. It's still beautiful out, but i'm too sore to do any more gardening lol... My Youngest had her dolly out with her in her pram, and also helped me with my gardens.
Here's a before pic of the first garden we worked on... My poor pictures are so bright, I've tried clicking everything on the camera, but it just doesn't want to work. I'll have to read the manual i guess. But I'll just post what i have... Here's the after... I edged this one. Plus my shadow lol... this one looks better than the other one, probably because it's coming on evening.

Going to try posting from my picasa... i hate the way i have to do pictures here by moving them down then they get stuck... let's see how the other way goes...


  1. How lovely - Denise, I use flickr, easier to post pics where you want them. I also use photoscape to edit pics, it's free and AWESOME!

  2. thanks Allie! :) another message that was lost in the years :(