Monday, May 3, 2010

Writing Query Letter..

well, it wasn't my books to pick up, but my birthday present :) I'm a Lucy Maud Fan and a friend, Lisa, put on facebook a picture of her teaset. This teaset reminded me very much of Lucy Maud's Aunt's tea set that's in Green Gables. (I'm pretty sure this is the original owner) so my husband bought it for my birthday... Here's the link to what it looks like...

still not sure where to put links... and i have the picture i took while at green gables of the original set...
yay! that's the picture :) ... they aren't exact, but close enough :) I'll see if i can save a pic from the site of my new set... no , didn't work, but if you click the link you'll see it:)

Back on track lol... Lesson 2: i'm writing my query letter now... i'm stuck ... i don't know to tell them that my book was self published or not... but am trying to find the answer. Lots of Googling :) I was so nervous writing it, but not that i'm doing it... actually doing it, i feel so much better.

Was talking to someone on the phone today who told me there's a lady she knows who might proofread for me. That'll be great, as the self published book wasn't proofread.

Notes on Query Letter:
Don't go over 1 page or 2 paragraphs...( i am finding this so hard)
Get the book idea into the first 2 sentences. (did that)
Tell how you plan to handle and develop the manuscript (not sure what to say here)
Error Free and single spaced
Strong opening to grab attention
Let them know if there are illustrations available
Request to write the article on the go ahead to send the book proposal...(book proposal... now that's going to be hard!)
Double space between paragraphs
Tell them if there will be multiple submissions.

these notes i've found on the web... still using google to find more ideas on query's. found one link ...

This is a start, still lots to learn!


  1. Oh what a sweetie - I LOVe that tea set, Denise! I'm going to have to come for tea, that's it.

  2. oh this is easy to comment too, i like it :) We will have tea and hot chocolate of course lol...
    I'm having a tea party today with my sis and her daughter for Rilla :) she's terribly excited, and my sis' daughter is 20 years old lol, Rilla loves her :)