Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd book finished

I finished book 2 !! Yay! Still a long way to go with it yet, lots of revising and changing ideas and characters :D But it's all fun. Today i'll be moving the story from my yellow pad to the computer. I love to write with pencil first. I do hate working on the computer, but i guess i have to get used to it.

No word on my first query that i sent out yet... but it hasn't been a week yet and they said to give them the exclusive for 2 weeks.

The sun is trying hard to win the fight against the clouds... clouds winning so far, but hopefully not for long.

I'll go grab a picture so you all can see PEI in early May :D ... ok, it went on, but sure doesn't look right from this box... This is my magnolia and my forsythia together... my camera is taking the pictures so bright... i'll have to read the directions on how to stop that from happening.

Here's a little closer pic of the bird bath garden with my witch hazel!

Bear with me.. lol... hopefully this will turn out right, when i post a picture it goes to the top of this page then i have to move it down.

Must go start typing while My Youngest is watching Bolt... but first, i have to post a wonderful site that helps me a lot with writing tips... if you want to write, this is the site to go to... i'll post more too.. .

Holly Lisle... You'll love her site!

One thing we learned.... never put too much popcorn in your pot! lolol... I removed the pictures of My Youngest here... but the pic was the popcorn pot overflowing with popcorn :)


  1. Girl, you're on a roll! Congrats! I can't use a pencil anymore, except for sketching, I type so much faster than I can write. Look at Rilla, what a doll-baby she is! Your garden looks lovely, my grandma had a witch-hazel plant. Too funny about the popcorn!

  2. Your garden looks so nice. We always make too much popcorn here, but my liddles think it's funny to run around to find a bowl quickly. Congratulations on starting a new blog. It can be a lot of fun.