Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Safety on the Internet

Editing here to tell you all my youngest daughter's favorite bed time story... along with voices for each character, of course... with a great big SNORT sound too :D ...

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

It was another great day to get outside to garden.  I used the morning to clean, then made dinner for the men, and outside for Rilla and I ... until the black flies were so horrible that we hadn't any choice but come back inside.   I didn't really mind.  A new book arrived in the mail and i was dying to open it up :)

I've been writing some old memories down in my notebook... anything that i could remember for IF i need the ideas.

A dear friend mentioned to me that it might be best if i change the real names of my family on here.  I'm going to do that tonight, plus take out a little more information about myself.  Just to make it safer for my family on here.  I'm very thankful she mentioned it to me :)

Tonight is for writing... i'm going to try to write 15 minutes per day.  Didn't want it to happen at night, but I've no choice on that right now lol

I've also got to read my second book aloud, didn't get to finish that yet.

My mother sent me the newspaper clippings of Lucy Maud's Island Hymn being made Prince Edward Island's National Anthem!!  I'm so happy for her!

Here's Lucy Maud Montgomery's Island Hymn  You can hear the music here also ...

                               The Island Hymn

Music by Lawrence W. Watson
Lyrics by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Fair Island of the sea
We raise our song to thee
The bright and blest;
Loyally now we stand
As brothers, hand and hand
And sing God save the land
We love the best.

Upon our princely Isle
May kindest fortune smile
In coming years;
Peace and prosperity
In all her boarders be
From every evil free
And weakling fears.

Prince Edward Isle, to thee
Our hearts shall faithful be
Where'er we dwell;
Forever may we stand
As brothers, hand and hand
And sing God save the land
We love so well.

Good Night All! 


  1. Ah Lucy Maud - love her to pieces! I notice she doesn't mention the black flies. *snort*

  2. lol! and i'm sure they were bad or worse back then, poor things !