Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still working on Nancy Lamb's book

Yes, i'm still reading and doing the reading exercises within the book.  I've been stuck at one book called The Light In The Forest by Conrad Richter  so far i can't find it, so will skip this one for now and go on to the next chapter... Eleven, Scenes. 

  I'm really loving her book and learning a lot.  Nancy Lamb makes you think.  She Is bringing me to new heights in my thinking and writing.  I thought, at first, that i wouldn't like all this extra reading homework within her book, but it really does help to be the sleuth answering her questions and finding the structures, etc that she's mentioned.  I get to the point that i can't wait to get back to her book while reading the others lol

Today now, a friend on my wonderful warrior's group on facebook sent a link to a great site with a lot of information and help... Robin L. LaFevers   She is a writer of a series of books that i have yet to buy, but am definitely going too... It's her Theodosia Series...  Here's the website to buy it.  Looks great!

  After doing some reading on her site and writing out her Characterization Worksheet,   I found on facebook that a friend from my Warrior Chat group had a website..Robert Sloan.  He's a wonderful artist and writer.  I love his site, inspiring and full of tons of information and step by step oil pastel paintings.   You can also find him on facebook and twitter.  You'll love him :)

  After Nancy Lamb's book, I'll be working with my novel by using Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass

I'm excited to work with it.  I've also had Rilla's Ramblings critiqued and am so wanting to work on it, but Nancy Lamb comes first :) I'm up for the challenge! Something i love to do :) 
Have a great day, everyone.  
Enjoy this beautiful winter season. 

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