Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Belated New Year !

We had a wonderful Christmas here at Ingleside.  It was very busy though.  A lot of cleaning, baking, and shopping, the usual for Christmas.  It was a constant craziness that was going on and, soon, I began to get sick on the 23rd, and am still sick this evening. I'm getting there though :) ..

Here's a pic of our tree late Christmas Eve...

  We went down home for Christmas Eve, and had a very nice time.  Christmas morning was an exciting time... this year we delayed the opening by having breakfast.  The kids want the present opening to last longer, so we ate breakfast, then looked at the stockings, then while the kids were busy with their stocking stuffers, my husband and I got the turkey ready and in the oven.  The day flew by quickly but nicely.  The one sad thing was Prince Edward Island was not covered in snow... we had another green Christmas.  Great for driving, but not great for Christmas.

  New Years Eve we spent at home due to my being sick.  We were ok with that, as we had lots of yummy things to eat which we love and we watched a movie also and played games.

  With my writing, i was up to 70,000 words and stopped for Christmas.  I'm starting back to it tonight.  I'm also working on Rilla's Ramblings and learning great things with a great, dear new friend of mine.  Great ideas are coming for a remake of Rilla's Ramblings... something i feel very excited over :)

  My Nanowrimo novel that's at 70,000 words isnt' finished yet.  Still a ways to go with it yet.  I really do love how it's going though, it's becoming a part of me.  I'm learning great things with my nano friends at this Warrior Chat Facebook Writers Group  led by a wonderful lady, Lia Keyes   Very nice, kind and knows tons about writing.  I've met a great many people on this group, and they are very dear to me now.  I am learning so much with them, esp one lady in particular :)

  Tonight i'll be starting to read a book a dear friend gave me for Christmas, one that will help guide me, and help me with my writing.  It's called The Writers Guide to Crafting Stories for Children   Here's the Canadian Amazon site for that book.

  I also bought Stephen King's book On Writing   it's an autobiography, plus lessons on writing.  I've read some great reviews about it so thought i'd give it a try.

I was also reading this book, The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, author of one of my favorite books, The Forgotten Garden.  I gave it to my friend for Christmas and she told me she couldn't put it down... i loved hearing that.  I'm absolutely loving mine so far as well.  It's about an old children's book and old family secrets , some war, and how people can be brought together, or separated by twists of fate.

  I'll add more books that i received tomorrow.  Lots more to go yet ;)
Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and a very happy and blessed new year. <3

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