Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 of NaNoWriMo... i'm still in it :)

Today I introduced a new character.  A man.  He didn't want to cooperate.  He kept changing his idea of what he wanted to be like haha ... but finally he liked what he was and I wrote.  and wrote... and wrote... now, i'm a mom with 4 kids and life gets in the way.  Painting, clothes, yes, and even food ;) but i'm at 1800 words for today, so far and don't want to stop yet ;)

I really should be working on Rilla's Ramblings #3 but haven't been able to do that for a few days.  I will though, once the painting is finished :)  but then it's Christmas decorating... but that'll only take a few days :)  but then there's Christmas baking, and shopping for Christmas presents and letters... and and ... it'll all fall in place... no matter how busy it gets... it'll all get finished :)

my count you ask?
so far i've written... 7629 words!!!  a total record for me!! I'm THAT thrilled!! I so can't believe I'm writing a novel... didn't think i could do it, but I'm loving it and so loving how the story is going.

Rilla is LOVING Kindergarten!! She's even sounding out words now... every single words she sees!! :) it's the cutest thing :) My friend made a wallpaper of Rilla for book 2... no title yet for it... must do that too.  Here is the wallpaper... thanks so much Strawberry!! You ARE awesome :) Have a great evening everyone :)

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