Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My First NaNoWriMo is Beginning Soon!

OH what have i gotten myself into?? Writing a novel that's 50,000 words!  My first Rilla's Ramblings was app 3,000 words!  EEK!!  I've written part 2 and working on part 3 now... no titles for them yet :)

Plus it's been 3 whole months since I've blogged... yeah, sometimes you won't see a capital, it's because my shift key is acting up :)   .... this summer has been long and hard... i'm very thankful it's over... I've had a lot of changes too... but we won't go into those... I'm just putting my trust in God that things will work out for the best. Where would we be without our dear Lord to guide and hold us when we're down? :) all good.

so i'm just going to restart this blog as if i never left ;)

So I've joined up with NaNoWriMo   (hey i remembered how to do links!) (yay me!)  I've got to write 50,000 words from November 1st til November 30th... it's something I've never done before, but i want this challenge... i really, really do. I'm pumped to start it up :)  I've been working on a story all day today, plus painting and tidying, etc... I'm loving the story I've come up with :) but can't say anything about it *wink*  yet :D

Now, one more bit of news... My baby has started Kindergarten!  Yes... my biggest change this year... being home alone... no Rilla to follow me around, no Rilla to help me bake, no Rilla to come down the stairs in the morning jumping into my arms, I could go on, but I'm making myself sad, so i won't :)  I miss her... BUT it is quiet and i'm finding this quiet is nice... and i am getting a lot of things done that I've would never have gotten done before... AND the place stays clean after i clean it... gee, why do I always feel bad after writing that??? She loves Kindergarten, and her teacher is an absolute doll... Rilla is in a safe place... I'm happy for her.

I didn't do any writing all summer... just no time for it, plus, i didn't have the want for it.  I have the want now and it feels good again.  I did miss it...

My gardens are a total disaster... will I get to them this fall?? ?I just don't know... so much work and I've no time... but we'll see what happens.

Must go work on Rilla's Ramblings 3 now :)   I'm at an exciting part :)  and something NICE is going to happen!!

Here's a pretty wallpaper my friend in India made for me... I love this verse... It says it all about my past summer.  Enjoy :)  (hope that comes in here right, it started out big, but went small as i typed... )


  1. Denise I enjoyed reading your news. I`m glad you are writing again and that your children are well. Best wishes for your novel.

  2. Wow, lot's of changes with you too! I've had a lot in my life also............

    Great to hear from you again!

    Good luck on your book!

    Have you been to my blog in awhile? (My writers one.) =]

    Have fun!


  3. thanks soooo much, Karen :)
    and thank you too, Monica :) I haven't really had time to go to other blogs, and i miss that!! But soon :) thanks for letting me know you updated !