Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10 of NaNoWriMo... and a sick little girl

  Well, this weekend was busy.  Rilla came off the bus with a very high fever.  She was and is still sick all weekend.  Her fever finally broke on Monday morning or late Sunday, can't remember right now :)  but i was very thankful indeed!

  It was a couple nights of no sleep, but i did get some writing in.  I'm just about 400 words short of 20,000!!!  I can't believe i made it to 1,000 let alone 20,000!!  I'm very pleased! oh yeah!!  I'm really loving how the story is falling into place :) 

  I've been finding it hard the past couple of days to write, as my hand is not playing fair with me.  That ganglion cyst has come back with a vengeance.  It's making my hand all tingly, so this afternoon, i thought up an idea ;) I wrapped up my lower arm inside my heating pad :)  and it helped! Tingling stopped!  I also put on those magnetic bracelets.  

  I'm so used to writing on paper... this writing on the computer is so hard on the wrists.  

  Just a short note to let you know how i'm doing and to remind myself too in case i forget lol  ... but i must run along and finish getting caught up as i lost yesterday.

  oh yes! our Christmas tree!  i almost forgot, it's up now :) started it last night and finished it when emily and avery got home from school.  it looks very pretty, i'll take a picture soon, did some different ideas with it that i liked :) 

  Have a great evening everyone!

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