Sunday, January 20, 2013

12 x 12 in 2013

All I can say is I'm trying! lol  One day I'll have everything in order and more time ... a girl can dream, eh? lol

I've joined with Julie Hedlund's 12 x 12 group this year. I couldn't pass up the chance for the Gold membership and the chance for an editor or agent to see my work once a month... plus there are ever so much more goodies per package.  You won't be disappointed joining with 12 x 12

Last year I wrote and revised 27 stories. 12 x 12 is filled with wonderful people who are always there for you.

This year I've a whole smackeral of story ideas to write thanks so Tara Lazar's Piboidmo 
I've made it through another round of piboidmo... it's a great way to kick off 12 x 12 :)

It's a beautiful white world here on PEI and also night time :D
Had to get a post in before I head off to work on another story.

Have a beautiful evening, everyone!


  1. So glad we both made it in by the skin of our teeth. I do hope you get to sub to an agent with your gold level, Denise. Cawful Wake Up is the cutest story, I think you should sub that next. <3

  2. Hey Denise! I'm so glad you're on board with 12 x 12. You're right. There are so many goodies wrapped in the 12x12 package. I'm excited about this year's involvement with Julie and the gang! Again, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

  3. Good luck with 12X12. It sounds like a great idea. I know you'll do well.
    Have a wonderful day today.

  4. I'm glad too, Catherine and even more that we're in it together :) and you too, Pam! We'll all have a wonderful year for sure.

    thanks so much, Annie! 12x12 is a wonderful motivator to get those manuscripts written :) just what's called for lol