Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life at Ingleside the past few months

Hey Everyone, 

  I'm back to blogging.  Thanks so much for sticking around with me. It's been busy, but is calming down now :) 

  I've been working at grading potatoes.  I meant to get some pics, but always forgot, plus it's hard to get the pictures with gloves on and when I take them off, I'm heading home for break or dinner lol  but here is a link to the place I worked...  It's right behind my house, so easy access for me :) 
  If you click The Process then click picture #11
  That's where I grade.  It's the picture from the site.  You can tour the place, too if you're on PEI :) I liked it, it was fun with the ladies :)  AND I thought up a few stories too... One cute picture book idea too lol of course about a potatoe and I'll definitely have him at East Point Potatoe :D

  I've been working at my gardens getting them all ready for my daughter's prom :)  This will take a few posts to fill you in on all the news :), so this one will be for letting you know I'm back :) and first up will be a video I took of the trees here at Ingleside.  I turned the video around to get the whole tree in, so hopefully you won't get a kink lol  Hope this works.

I can't get it to work, but click this  and it'll take you to the Whispering Trees Video.
  I even got a video of our squeaking sands on our beaches, but that'll be for another post about beaches :) 

Thankfulness and Positiveness

I'm thankful for believing in God and having Him in my life. 

I'm good to color with my daughter when she wants too :) ... most of the time ;)  lol 




  1. welcome back! nice to see you blogging once again.
    PEI potatoes are delicious. Your video is beautiful. So peaceful.

  2. Your property is LOVELY! As I watched the trees lean into each other to hear and share secrets, I couldn't help but think, "What a great picture book of praise this would make!" Even inspiration for a poem or two could come of this video. Thank you so much for sharing this, Denise of Ingleside.

  3. Thanks Annie and Pam :)

    Did you write out a story, Pam? Send to our group is so :) I have a story to send in, must get going on an email :)