Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ice Storm Hit Prince Edward Island

I thought I'd share some of the pictures of the ice storm we had.  My son went out and took some pictures and got some great ones. We lost 3 trees and a lot of limbs off others.  I was sad about my babies, esp one in particular, but they are so deliciously pretty *sigh*
Here's the first .. our clothes line

This one is our lane... 

My Honey Suckle Vine lost the battle :( 

My Rose Hedge hopefully will make it... 

The ice was everywhere! 

My beautiful birch showing her strength

Such a sad spruce... the other lost it's top! 

Here's my saddest one..  I wrote a story for this set a couple years ago.. The Birch and The Spirea... when I bought the spirea many years ago, I notices the birch growing out of it a couple years later.  I hid this from my husband ;)  I knew he'd want it cut out.   How could I separate them!!  The birch grew taller and finally my husband noticed.  I wouldn't let him cut it down... they belonged together... but the storm did it's nasty work to the birch and it's broken, but if you see, it's only broken where it meets the spirea...  more to the story when it's published ;)  
Everything happens for a reason.

the other side of the tall birch growing with the tiny spirea

so much ice!! 

this tree was so covered in ice, it was like a pure sheet of ice! wow!

LOve this one my son took

and last, my weeping birch, my son loved the sound when he walked under this baby. 

so Ingleside was a Winter Crystal Palace for a few days.  We've finally warmed up today and the ice is off my babies.  We'll have a lot of work in the spring and my biggest hope is my weeping birch and the birch in the spirea make it. 




  1. Great pics! I love spireas! You should put burlap on it to protect it.

  2. I wish I could, but there's way too many bushes here to protect ... I used to protect them with leaves, but that didn't work if a wind came up... and once they got too large, I left them to fight the winters. I really have to prune them this year. I didn't get to do any pruning last year, poor things :(

  3. I'm totally intrigued by the story of the birch and the spirea! It'll be a beautiful tale for sure. :) I hope all is well for your 'babies' when the ice melts and spring arrives!

  4. I'm sorry you lost some trees but these pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. Oh my. What a lot of ice! As Julie said, amazing pictures, but so sad to lose such beautiful trees.

  6. Thanks Lisa... Guess what? That birch that was down is standing up! I saw it today.. how cool is that! Now to work that into the story...

    Glad you liked them, Julie :) you too, Beth... thanks for checking to make sure I had it set up right for me


  7. I'm cold just looking at these! So sorry you lost trees.