Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow In April by C. Richard Miles

It snowed here on PEI today.  I wasn't happy about it, as I really want to get out there and garden, but If it had to snow, I'm happy with it.  It's so pretty now :)  My daughter took a picture and it reminded me of a poem.  Here it is... 

If you must slight me, let it be the touch
That snow in April, falling soft and white
Gives to the blossoms delicate and light, 
So I don’t suffer, it won’t harm me much.
If you must spite me, let it be as quick
As snow in April falling, not to last.
Lies just one moment then, like mist is past, 
So it won’t sting me; I won’t feel the prick.
If you must fight me, let the tender blows
Like snow in April, make no lasting mark
As soft, spring sunshine, on the grassy park, 
Brings green renewal. But yet April snows
Can still surprise me, stir me from my rest
For snow is April’s chill, unwelcome guest. 

C Richard Miles

The poem is perfect for today <3