Thursday, April 21, 2011

Five Complaints/Brags

A fellow Writing Warrior, Tee Ayer, posted her Wednesday Wonderings yesterday. They were:

Five things I have to complain/brag/comment about?  

I thought this would be fun :) So am giving it a whirl...

1.  like Tee, I have oodles of ideas in my head for stories... literally oodles.  I just don't have the time to write them all out. Yes, not working would be a wonderful thing right now, but I have too to keep food on the table lol

2.  I can make one heck of a design for a garden.  I am not one to toot my own horn as many who know me know, but I'm doing it now and it feels good :) I love to shape designs in garden beds and they do look quite nice, if I must say.

3.  I am saddened to hear my old school has been demolished.  I am complaining that our government is the pits when they decided to close, then demolish our small schools.  Big mistake there people!

4.  My second book is all written and awaiting a home.  No more self publishing for me.  I've learned my lesson!  

5. Lastly, I have a great circle of Kindred Souls with me, I treasure them with every fiber of my being. 

Did it, Tee :) It's kinda like my positiveness and thankfullness ... which I JUST remembered I've let slip, so I end this post with my 1 positive thing about myself and my 1 thankful thing...

I am a good decorator.  (yep, hard to write, because it's so hard to have faith in yourself and even harder to tell others! lol)

I am thankful for my hands.  (and pray for anyone who has lost a limb)

Your turn!  Make sure to say one positive thing about yourself and one thing you are thankful for.  Post in the comment section below, or just say it to yourself, OUTLOUD.  It really works that way and you begin to feel so much better about yourself. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yay Denise,
    You did it. And you are right... we have to be positive too- can't always complain.
    So here goes:
    Positivity #1
    I have made a promise to myself - it means alot to me. On my death-bed I wish to be able to reflect on my life and know, really truly know that I have not ever willingly or consciously hurt the feelings of another person. So far I am doing well at keeping this promise. I will update if I fall off the wagon though :)
    Positivity #2
    I believe in myself, more than I have ever done in the past. Someday I will be at 100%...
    How's that for a start?

  2. Hi Denise...thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

    Great post, at times I forget to be positive,I tend to brood over the negative aspect more. Its a good reminder.

    A positive thing about me, I love to help people who approach me, I just can't say no. Sometimes its a time suck, but I cannot help it, its my nature.

    I am thankful for a wonderful family that God has blessed me with.

  3. Hi lovely Denise...
    Great post...another thing you can add - you are a great encourager to your friends!
    #Positive thing about me: I am fiercely loyal and always fight for those I love.
    Keep well my friend...and keep positive.

  4. I have dozens of ideas about things to write about, but barely 5% of the time I need to achieve it. Shame that my greatest articles probably never got past the thought phase.

    I am saddened when part of my history is destroyed, whether it's a building or whatever. It's a part of my past.

  5. Hi Denise,
    I enjoyed this blog post. Great looking blog site as well. Positive thing about me - I really enjoy helping others, especially helping other people find work. If I can help someone make a connection that leads them to employment, it just a great wonderful feeling. So it's a Win-Win!!!!

  6. OH I've missed all these wonderful comments... so sorry, everyone!

    I love all your positiveness and thankfulness' :) It was so hard, but didn't it feel good after it was written or said? We just don't pat ourselves on the back enough.

    Thanks so much, Tee, Rachna, Kim, Tony and Cheryl