Monday, February 28, 2011

Stephen King vs. Lucy Maud Montgomery

"'He splattered," my mother said in her most matter-of-fact tone. She paused, then added, "The stuff that came out of him was green.  I have never forgotten it."
  That makes two of us, Mom.
~ On Writing ~ Stephen King ~

"Matthew-Matthew- what is the matter?  Matthew, are you sick?"
 They were both too late; before they could reach him Matthew had fallen across the threshold.
  Anne looked at the still face and there beheld the seal of the Great Presence.
~Anne of Green Gables~ Lucy Maud Montgomery ~

 Yes, I'm reading On Writing by Stephen King.  

I was hesitant to read it as it was Stephen King and I cannot watch his movies... let alone read his books!  But... this is a book about the writing process... HIS writing process... so i dug my heels in, opened the cover and began.  3 forwards!  That was a lot... but i didn't actually mind as he kept them nice and short... I liked that.  I was thinking, Hey! He's not that bad :)  He even mentioned a book for me to look for... The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.  

Looks great, esp when E.B. White is in it, as you know i was reading his books... again lol

    2nd forward... Stephen King said the word DIVINE! Wow!  I couldn't wait to get on with this surprising book :)  I begin chapter one... Poor Steve gets hurt when he was 2... how on earth did he remember this?? I felt sorry for him.  I keep on.  Beer drinking husband... hmmm ... feelers are twitching... Eula-Beulah... uh-oh!!  Trouble here... what a horrible babysitter! I keep on.  Death... splattering.. green...  oh my.. what have i gotten myself into... next part finishes me off.. poison ivy... in unmentionable parts... that was it!  The language.. The horrible descriptions... I was not impressed at all. 

    So, what do I do?... I post to my wonderful Writing Warriors  always welcoming new members, btw ;) 
I find out I'm not alone, and it's all right to skip to the next chapter - Toolbox.  

    What did i think?... I LOVED IT!  A couple harsh words, but it was all writing helps... and such help it was!  He's a wonder, that's for sure.  I wrote down all i could in my writing journal which i'm still keep, thankfully :)   
  I'll write some of his helps in another post once I gather up some more.  
    I finished Toolbox the other night, but haven't started the next chapter.  I need a fix... a Lucy Maud Montgomery fix.. and this reading can still go in with my writing works, as I am learning beginnings, characters, paragraphing, etc. ;) and now I'll relearn with LMM :)  for calmness, peace, and kind words.  Plus as an added bonus, it's my @1935 edition :) never read this one yet !

 I don't have my camera here so googled for a pic of my book and found it right here.. Library and Archives of Canada   It has a great write up on the book.  Lots more books there to search for also. 

I want to end with my Positive and Thankfulness... it's a good idea to do this every day.  Say one thing positive about yourself and one thing that you are Thankful for.  It's very hard to say a positive thing about yourself...but you'll feel better... I promise :) 

I'm an awesome reader.  I can't imagine not reading a delicious, friendly book.  I am proud to have many books around my Ingleside.
I am thankful for the snow...most hate it and despise it, but I'm thankful I live on PEI where there are winters and beautiful snow.

Go grab a hot chocolate then a nice book.  One that your working on reading, or one that you have been trying to read and no time.  15 minutes... that's all you need... sit and relax... 
Don't forget your fluffy blanket to cozy up in!

 that's my Canadian edition of Anne :) 
Yeah, I hate getting my picture taken lol

Now it's your turn.  Can YOU say something positive hsrd about yourself and something you are thankful easy for?  I'd love to hear them :)


  1. I never saw that edition of Anne before! Thanx for posting the picture!

  2. Your welcome :) someday I'll post all my collection. Just have to figure out how to make room on one blog first ;)

  3. I just realized it was you:) I didn't recognize the handle til i clicked your link :)

  4. I'm with you - every once in a while I need an L M Montgomery fix [g]
    King's book is great - and the Strunk and White is a classic. Every time I dive into it I feel like re edting my novel all over again...

  5. Did you read all of King's book? I know others have skipped the beginning... gosh it was horrible lol... Strunk and White... is it a grammar book? I think i'll have to get it :)

  6. Oh yes, but then, I like a lot of King's stuff. Well, I found the babysitting stories gross too, but there are way more gems and fun stuff in that book than gross stories.
    Strunk and White is a grammar book, but I'm kind of a sucker for books from the 30s and 40s [g]

  7. lol me too :) ... I'll definitely get Strunk and White's book then ... I'd never be able to read King's books lol.. toooooooooooooooooooo chicken! lol except this one of course ;)

  8. Oh, but they're not all gross - check out The Eyes of the Dragon!

  9. really?? what about his language in The Eyes of the Dragon? any scariness in it?
    I have to be sure, or I'll not be sleeping for days and days and days lol!! Yeah, I'm a wimp lol

  10. Well... hmmm... it might be a wee bit scary, but in a fairy tale/fantasy/legend sort of way. That's the style it's written in [g]

  11. I never knew my grandmother, who passed away in my first year, but my Dad has told me that she was a big reader & gardener, and her favorite book was Anne of Green Gables.

  12. Hi Deniz, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I love fairy tales, fantasy and lengends :) So i will have to def check it out :) Thanks so much :)

    Hi Laurel, I love that story about your grandmother, Laurel. She sounds so much like me, I'm sure she was definitely a kindred to a lot of people.

    thank you both :)

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI