Friday, February 18, 2011

New Look Coming... Twitter Update...

I can't wait til you all see the new header that a wonderful friend is making for me.  It's going to have some of my favorite things in it :) Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud, butterflies, PEI, fairies.. God's love.. : all wrapped up into one beautiful header.

 As for the name, it's been voted and Denise Bruce of Ingleside has won :)  I like that, as it's me.  No one else has this name for a blog and it's got "ME" written all over it.  I've been using this handle for many, many years now and a wonderful writing friend told me to use it as the blog's title.  I never thought of it, I should say, but once she said it, it just fit :)

  So this post will be boring, as no pictures, but soon.  I have ideas for the blog too... ideas that I like and I'm sure you will too :)

  I joined Twitter too!  @DeniseBruce22 is my handle there.  Denise of Ingleside was too long.. argh... I'm still getting the hang of it, but getting there... and have found some wonderful kindred spirits who love Anne, books, gardening, life, God.. it's great :)

  Still reading up on writing books and tips.  Finished Nancy Lamb's book and now reading A.A. Milne's Winnie-The-Pooh 

Hey!  It's a pic lol... I've read it before, but am now reading it to learn more about 3rd person omniscient, which is how I'm writing Rilla's Ramblings.  I'll be reworking it soon... so excited about that and so can't wait!

  I also am keeping my treasured book by Lucy Maud Montgomery close to me to keep me inspired; The Alpine Path.  

"Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep
  How I may upward climb
The Alpine path, so hard, so steep,
  That leads to heights sublime;
How I may reach that far-off goal
  Of true and honoured fame,
And write upon its shining scroll
  A woman's humble name."

This keeps me going and believing in myself.
Thank you, Lucy Maud.  I am "me" because of "you".

Thank You to all my followers.. I, very muchly, appreciate it <3


  1. Denise, this background is so beautiful! I love it!

  2. Hi! Saw your blog via Rainbow of Faith's... nice to see another Anne fan out there! :)

  3. thanks Michele so glad you like it :)

    soon to have a new change... that's my own as this is on another blog :)

    anne girls it's great to see you, i'm going to check out your blog soon and will fp;;pw too, i love anything to do with dear anne :)