Monday, November 7, 2011

Started my first writing class.. Mary Buckham's Pacing class...

I took the plunge and began my first ever, writing class.  Mary Buckham's  Pacing class.

Here's the link to more classes at Writer's Universe.

This is an old post that never was published on my blog... just posting it for my own memory ;) LOVED this class and will most definitely take another of Mary's wonderful classes.


  1. It's great to make as many classes as you possibly can. Keeps you moving forward. :) Pat

  2. That's so true, Patricia :) It does keep you moving forward. all for the better <3

  3. That's wonderfulDenise! Hope you got what you needed out of the class. I hope to start taking some myself soon.

    Love your blog, it's so colorful and happy looking:)

    I'm new here btw, and I'm in your Wiggio group!! It was nice to find your blog:)

  4. Hi Jennifer :) I just wrote on your wall on facebook :)
    I did get what I needed and more, Jennifer. Mary Buckham is a wonderful lady. I definitely will be taking another class of hers. Maybe we can take one together...I know she's starting one on Setting in january, want me to forward you the email?
    thanks so much for the compliments on the look of my blog :)

    Denise (i'll ask you on facebook in case you don't see this ;)