Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rowan Own Side Now.MOV Caitlin Rose


  1. WOW --Is this your daughter or friend? She's so talented.

    This is a beautiful blogsite -- I love it. Did you design the back ground? Are you an illustrator?

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I'm looking forward to connecting with other in the campaign. It should be fun.


  2. Hi Patricia :)

    No, she's no relation, just thought it was so cute, I had to share the happiness.

    Thank you, Patricia :) The background is from my book, Rilla's Ramblings - I Believe I Can Fly. My daughter drew the fairies and I drew and colored the rest. The pictures are from around PEI and my home. Butterflies from the net :) A friend put everything together for me and did an awesome job, esp with the header :) which is from a LMM book... LMM picture... a picture I painted, my book, butterflies fr net and a lighthouse here on PEI :) I'm not an illustrator, but do want to do my own book someday.... just need the faith to be able to do it lol

    so nice to meet you, Patricia :)
    Denise of Ingleside